joi, 29 octombrie 2009

The opheliac

The one who's blind from sanity
Has lost his words in clarity,
And denied the untruth spoken
Is the opheliac with a heart broken.
But now he's dead,
With a poison that has spread
Among the ashes...

With a mind quite sober
It's the opheliac my lover...
That has unchained and bound my soul
And showed me what's worth fighting for.

There's no show of fiction,
No lack of resolution,
Just a man wich made an effort
And never cared about being perfect.

He,the man with a big ambition
Has damned his mind in pure confusion
'Cause there's nothing else to do
When a curse was cast on you
Just dissapear and sync behind
Lose your wish and lose your mind.
Along with this so called ''Life''!

Now..sleep forever,my opheliac....

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